Welcome to Sober Strides

I am not brilliant or extraordinary; I am human, an addict, a victim of child sexual abuse and up until the 27 Oct 2014 a person I was not entirely proud of. 

Thankfully, I have not let those events or traits define me. 

I am now sober, a survivor and filled with purpose. Every day I hold myself accountable for who I am and work towards self-mastery instead of self-destruction. This is my journey from sloshed to sober, waster to warrior. 

Please, take the time to have a look around. You will find a little about me by visiting the ABOUT page, blogs and other publications within the GROG BLOG pages and a CONTACT page if you wish to speak with me directly.

Picture: Me pictured 2nd in, rear left during a survival course held in Arnhem Land, NT 2008 with the Australian Army. 

Stride Tribe

There are a lot of us stranded in survival mode on a daily basis. If you have no tools, no weapons and no tribe your chances of survival are limited. 

If you get nothing else from these pages please just take the time to identify your tribe (support base) and what tools/weapons (resources/strategies) are available to you. 

Alternatively, please reach out via the contact page if you are in need of a helping hand.