Motivational & Key Note Speaking

With a willingness to speak openly, authentically and from the heart I will engage your audience with honesty and passion, leaving them inspired to enhance their own lives through my example and lessons learnt. With topics ranging from leadership and endurance sports to addiction and child sexual abuse, no one will leave without gaining something from my story. I guarantee,  you will not be disappointed.

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Leadership: Becoming The Ultimate Team Mate

Leadership requires you to lead by example, leading by example is visual leadership, and we achieve this through acting accordingly in word and action. Leadership is everyone’s responsibility whether employed in a command position or not. if you are part of a team, you are required to lead.  

Only once each member of the team decides to step up and be counted as a teammate does your team truly unify. We are all members of a tribe from the families we are born into, the communities we live in and the people we surround ourselves with. Some we choose, others are forced upon us, non-the less we owe it to our team and ourselves to contribute to the best of our abilities and become the ultimate teammate.

"Remember, the team's mission is bigger than you, however, mission success relies on you."


A Journey Through Child Abuse & Addiction

The impact mentally of the abuse was lesser for me as a child due to not completely understanding it. Unfortunately, as I entered my teens and adulthood, I started to realise more about what had happened but could not process it correctly, or relate to it due to the time that had passed. It was as if I was trapped in my child body but trying to process it in an adult mind.  

My drinking was mainly a result of my ego, need to be wanted and the centre of someone's attention. The memories of abuse fueled my addiction on occasions. However, it was not the only factor. As a functioning alcoholic, I was never going to begin the process of finding peace with my past and addressing the person I had become and also the evil I had suffered as a child. The two lived in harmony as I lived in chaos.




A New Life of Endurance (Ultra Running)

What has becoming an endurance athlete taught me? That through discipline, dedication and resilience you are limitless in what you can achieve, you must invest sufficient time for your goals to begin to take effect and the body and mind in unison is a mystifying beast that will adapt and overcome any obstacle once aligned to your vision and purpose. To allow your members to delve deeper into this world please inquire below.   

Some of the events I have completed include,

  • The North Face 100

  • Ultra Trail Australia 100

  • Light Horse Ultra 12 hr

  • Hardcore 100 miler

  • Bravehearts 7 marathons, in 7 consecutive day's, in 7 states raising funds to support the prevention of child sexual assault in Australia.

  • The Jungle Marathon, a 254+ km, six day, self-sufficient stage race through the Amazon Jungle, Brazil.