My Pledge

Picture: Competing in the Jungle Marathon 2017. A 254+ km, self sufficient, multi day stage race through the Amazon Jungle, Brazil. Selva.

Sober Strides mission is to inspire and support others in achieving a better quality of life through living the example in both word and action. 

Sober Striders value discipline, honesty and accountability through acts of courage, compassion and resilience. 

In order to achieve this we relentlessly pursue physical, mental and emotional strength while leading by example and cultivating a warrior spirit.  

Picture: With my best mate & Hillbilly Endurance founder Ben Darcy (@alldarce) after completing the Bravehearts 777 in Australia. #IAMONE


"The leadership of one's self is of the highest form at the lowest level."

- Johnathon 'Jimmy' Morrison.

27 October 2014, I woke in complete mental and physical exhaustion; I had hit rock bottom. The light was going out as my soul gasped for air drowning in a cocktail of alcohol, vices and ego. My suppressed past the undercurrent. I needed to get dry. 

I sat in self-pity, guilt and remorse searching for answers, an ordinary Monday breakfast after a weekend binge. On this day, however, I tasted something different. Honesty. Through the brutal honesty inward declaring out loud that I was, in fact, an alcoholic and not someone to be proud of or respected, I had taken my first glimpse at dry land as rock bottom afforded me an opportunity. I committed there and then to a life of sobriety through a group txt message renouncing my past. I was through pretending to be someone else; I had become nothing more than an imposter, a poser, fake. I needed to be in pieces this day to uncover the foundation on which to rebuild my life.  

I am now into my third year of sobriety and second year running Sober Strides. I am incredibly passionate about my corner of the web and have marvelled at its growth over the years. In the 'Grog Blog' section, you will find I have openly shared some of my stories of addiction, child sexual abuse and mental health. Along with my new endeavours as an endurance athlete, advocate for the protection of kids against child sexual abuse and a few lessons learnt along the way. In 2018 Sober Strides will continue to give hope to those in need and stand next to those feeling alone or lost. 

Why? Because in the early stages of my sobriety someone had my six. I was talking with a mate (SASR Operator) about my decision to go sober. Sensing the apprehension in my tone, he shared with me that his most significant achievements in life had come through 10 years of sobriety. Words straight from the mouth of a true warrior, a man I respected and who has achieved beyond imagination. His words not filled with ego but strength delivered to assist me in my journey forward.

 I have now made it my mission to deliver the same message through Sober Strides.