Dry July

Today is the start of dry July and many will opt to quit the drink for a very worthy cause. I applaud the efforts of all those taking up the challenge. I have reflected a lot on the periods in my life when I actually abstained from drinking, in an attempt to understand how this demon works. I have done dry July; there have been times when I haven't touch a drop for months on end, 3 months even up to 6 months, so if I had the ability to not touch a drop for that period of time then surely I don’t have a drinking problem right?

Well not quiet, and I use dry July as an example. I completed dry July relatively easy, I was strong, stood my ground and rejected the urge to tie one on; however this was only achievable due to my focus on the reward at the end. What kept me sober was the desire to not be sober, I was driven by the notion that once this month was over then once again I could return to the bottle. It was relatively easy to abstain from alcohol; all I needed was that light at the end of the tunnel that reassured me this wasn’t the end.       

The majority of people will approach this month with the best of intentions, they will support the cause and raise much needed funds for cancer sufferers. Some will actually use this month as a form of self-assessment, an opportunity to reassure themselves and their loved ones that they actually don’t have an issue with alcohol. However please be mindful that if you are approaching it in the same mindset I did then it’s not dry July your focused on, it’s the alcohol fuelled binge at the end. If this is the case then your self-assessment can be completed at the end of today.