Becoming the ultimate teammate

This blog was written for the as their guest.

A number of topics came to mind when brainstorming to write this piece, and after 15 years of service there are a number of them that hold great importance to me, however I did not feel I was the person to address these topics, particularly in this forum at this time. It was not until I delved deeper into that thought that I discovered what it was I bring to the table, myself and my willingness to contribute.  

Building the Ultimate Teammate

Looking into the Frogman Project the one thing that resonated with me the most was the projects vision to mold and create the ultimate teammate. What intrigues me about this vision is the reliance it must have on the individual to determine its success. Whether you are a member of the Frogman Project, Defence Force, Emergency Services or the community if you are going to become the ultimate teammate then you have a responsibility to contribute to that team on the highest level available to you.

Contribution Through Leadership

I have come to learn that true leadership requires you to lead by example, that leading by example is visual leadership and that this is achieved through both word and action. It is everyone’s responsibility whether employed in a command position or not, if you are part of a team you are required to lead on some level.

As a team member you will have influence over the environment in which that team must operate. If you are not aligned to your team’s values and ethos or you don’t care for its common goals or mission then the environment you are promoting is a toxic one, it will spread like a disease and ultimately result in your team’s defeat. By understanding the role you play within your team and executing it with professionalism and to the best of your ability you are leading by example. Whether that leadership is directed within on a personal level, utilized to influence the mate beside you, a few in the team or the team as a whole you become an integral part of that team and its success.  

Know and Grow Yourself

Through self-awareness and the ability to acknowledge, understand and be conscious to your own values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses you will be able to identify what it is that you can or can not offer your team and therefore contribute to your full potential.

After spending a lot of my adult life with an egocentric view of the world it was not until I began to work on myself from within that I started to become a better teammate. I adopted a more worldcentric view through integrated training on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level and fostered my strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance the team. 

We all require work on ourselves to better serve others. It is not until you understand yourself that you have the ability to both grow and serve simultaneously. If you are not focused on self-mastery then you are not focused on becoming the ultimate teammate. The two work in unison.

Step Up and Be Counted

 Only once each member of the team makes the decision to step up and be counted as a teammate does your team truly unify. We are all apart of a team from the families we are born into, the communities we live in and the people we surround ourselves with. Some we choose, others are forced upon us, non-the less we owe it to our team and ourselves to contribute to the best of our abilities and become the ultimate teammate.

Remember the teams mission is bigger than you, however mission success relies on you.

I would like to thank the Frogman Project for the invitation to address this community and I look forward to contributing in the future.

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