Original Post, 01 April 2017.

Recently I shared a post on Instagram where I used the word 'failed'. I chose failed as I embrace the word for its distinctiveness, it also correctly measured my outcome. To my surprise, this upset people and even resulted in some raising concerns for my well-being, which I am grateful for, however, now wonder if I had of chosen unsuccessful would this have been the case. 

Has the word failed become so negative in our society that we now see it as taboo?   

We suggest for people to set goals that are measurable, and this allows us to identify with success. If failure is the opposite of success then why not use it to determine when we have not achieved our goals. Surely this just provides a clear distinction between the two. Some of my more notable failures have resulted in the most significant of results. If I can not determine when I have failed, I can not look for alternate opportunities to succeed. No growth is as influential as that provide by the seed of failure. 

Yes, failure has lessons that should be embraced. Those lessons, however, are only offered as a result of outgrowing your current possible. If you do not test your current possible, then how are you to know your current impossible. What you do with failure is a test of character, you can allow it to defeat you, or you can choose to learn from your mistakes and continue in the pursuit of success. I will fail again, as I will grow again, but I will not make failure a result of lessons not learnt. I see failure as an experience that should be earned not simply used as an excuse to quit. Only you know the difference between your failures and your excuses. 

My failed attempts have not disheartened me; they have encouraged me. The key word being courage. Courage, not the absence of fear but the willingness to continue in spite of fear. If failure also instils courage, then I will seek more.