Run up. Run down. Run far.

Hillbilly Endurance was founded by my best mate Ben Darcy with the aim of providing quality apparel and equipment to endurance athletes and enthusiasts alike. All apparel is designed with a focus towards those wanting to get outdoors and have a great  time doing it. At Hillbilly HQ they never take themselves too serious so they stuck a big beard on a goat. The beard isn't just for good looks though, it's a tribute to some of the great people of the Western Australian trail and ultra running community.

Click HERE to join the flock. (psst, you don't need a beard)

Sober Strides - Limited Edition Collection

"Sober Strides is honoured to be associated with the establishment of Hillbilly Endurance and offers this limited edition trucker cap to you.  This cap represents an unbreakable bond, past and future service and a commitment to becoming your best.' -  Jimmy Morrison, Founder of Sober Strides


Hillbilly Endurance 

Running shirts, gels, hats and apparel from a local Australian company. Originally from Western Australia. Hillybilly Endurance is about going far and having fun.